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Operation Holiday Hope


On Friday December 18, 2009 Fox News interviewed Pastor Bill Wilson, founder of Operation Hope.  This Organization provides Christmas gifts to poor children.,_founder_and_senior_pastor.php


Pastor Bill Wilson explained on Fox News how he was from a poor family and never knew his dad.  When he was 12yrs old, on Christmas Eve, while walking down a street,  his mother explained how she was at the end of her rope and couldn't provide for him anymore.  She told him to wait on a bench.  She never came back.  He waited on the Bench for three days without eating.  Finally a Christian man asked him if he was okay.  He came back with his wife, and they took care of him.  Pastor Bill dedicated his life to suffering children everywhere. From the ghettos of America to the garbage dumps of Manila, Bill has sought to rescue hurting children.  Every Christmas Eve Pastor Bill goes back to the same bench and spends the night there by himself to Christmas morning in meditation.